Heated Beaded Rope

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The Heated Beaded Rope: a jump rope that SPARKS! 



Watch the full story on how we made them!

Each order comes with one rope that has to heated beads already on it, and then 2 extra heated beads!



Use on the sidewalk, on the street, I personally would not recommend indoor use because sparks but also you need a hard and rough surface to create the best sparks (the street works great)

Much like any other pyrotechnic, the heated beads can be "used up," and if you are going for lots and lots of sparks, maybe even after just one session. Remember the heated bead sparks by wearing down, so generally have to be replaced after a few sessions of use. To use your second set, just untie the rope inside the handle, take off beads until the point you want to place your heated bead, loop the rope through BOTH holes, then replace the beads and handle. 

The beaded rope will basically last forever, but the sparks are like a one session use (like an hour or so depending on how hard you go), so USE IT WISELY

Also, warnings:

-Remember these sparks, while fun to look at, are very real. Throughout months of testing, not a single tester has been burned, but do not use this next to things you do not want to catch on fire. It hasn't happened yet, don't be the first! 

-The heated beads wear down to spark. That means it is possible that they crack. Generally we found that even if they wear down or crack, the piece that is on the rope still will work fine BUT eventually it WILL come off the rope! It is made to wear down, so do not stand behind someone jumping with it. Whatever direction the rope is moving when it hits the floor, that is the direction your heated bead will go when it is worn out. Windows, cars, people, etc. should all be considered in which direction you face.

-final warning, you will look so cool others might find it intimidating