Our Mission / The WEjumpROPE Story

Our Mission

WEjumpROPE is a brand by jumpers for jumpers, dedicated to building up and sharing the community that makes up jump rope. 

Our Story

(Watch the links to see our journey) :)

The founding members of WEjumpROPE met one another while jumping competitively for the Kangaroo Kids in Ellicott City, MD. After years of falling in love with the sport, the 4 jumpers decided to combine their passions for video making with their passion for all things jump rope. In December of 2014, the first WEjumpROPE video was created, a video featuring the fun, innovative, community-driven, and physically impressive side of jump rope. The channel then was used to document new trick developments, travels in show business, the competitive scene, good times with friends, and what jump rope is all about.

Since then, WEjumpROPE members have traveled across the globe teaching workshops in several countries, performed in hundreds of shows, created viral clips with millions of views, taken first place (multiple times) in the largest international jump rope competition, hosted the AMJRF national championship, and most importantly, created a platform to help tell the world about the wonderful community that is jump rope.

WEjumpROPE is now based in Orlando, FL at a home full of jumpers called Fort Dubs. These days, WEjumpROPE travels and performs through WeFlip Entertainment and is constantly innovating new ways to push jump rope to the next level (and having a blast documenting it all).

All these years later, we still just love jumping rope, and we think you might just love it, too :)