The WEjumpROPE Handle

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Tired of broken handles? We can handle that...

Finally! A jump rope handle you can trust! These handles can survive any release skill/ power skill you throw at them. They have been thrown off a bridge, ran over by a car, and stomped on repeatedly without breaking. Even with constant drops, throws, and slams, expect this handle to last you YEARS, or longer! 

Maybe you already have a rope you love, but you still want to experience a pair of truly unbreakable handles (or just want to rep WEjumpROPE).

Then this is the product for you!


If you broke your handle jumping, send us a photo of our WEjumpROPE handle broken via for a free replacement! Nobody has actually broken one of these while jumping though...

NOTICE: These handles are sold individually! Purchase two if you intend to make a rope!